o Introduction
o How To Be In The Right Perspective For Dating
o How To Start Dating The Right Way
o Isn’t Dating Is Supposed To Be Fun
o How To Get Over Your Dating Limitations
o How To Deal With The Past
o The Power Of Being Available
o What You Need To Do To Prepare On The Outside That Can Affect How You Feel The Inside
o How To Be Happily Single

How To Dive In To The Dating Pool
o Casual Dating & Hook-Ups
o Getting Serious About Your Search for THE ONE
o How To Meet People
o Dating Website Links & Tips On How To Use Them
o Getting Your Mindset Ready For Conversations
o Why It’s So Important To Talk To People You Are Not Attracted To
o How To Get Someone’s Contact Information
o How To Handle Rejection From A Person You Just Met
o How Attraction Works
o Top 10 Pick-Up Lines
o How “Can I Buy You A Drink” Works
o How To Avoid The Number One Mistake In The Dating World
o The Dating Tactic Of Ignoring The Person You Like So They Can Chase You
o Safety Precautions You Should Take Before Going On A Date & Keep In Mind During

How To Conduct The First Date
o The Importance Of Your Physical Appearance
o How To Handle Lateness
o How To Keep Good Eye Contact During A Date
o How The Conversation Should Proceed On Your Date
o Behaviors You’ll Want To Avoid On Your Date
o Master The Art Of The Turn-Around
o Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Over Extend The Date
o Why You Should Not Flirt Before The Second Or Third Date
o Why You should Not Have Sex Right Away
o How To Determine The Outcome Of Your Date
o How To Handle Blind Dates
o Why Dinner Is Not Always The Best Choice For A First Date
o The Proper Way To End A Date That You Are Not Into
o The Proper Way To End A Date You Want To See Again

The Dark Side Of Dating
o How To Keep Your Eye On The Prize After Disappointments
o How To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy
o How To Deal With A Jealous Partner
o How To Figure Out If You Are Dating A Pick Up Artist, A Serial Dater Or A User
o The Booty Call Trap
o How To Break Up Or End A Relationship The Right Way?
o How To Get Over Being Dumped Very Quickly
o How To Transition Out Of A Relationship And Be Friends If You Were The One Who Ended Things
o How To Survive The Holidays Single

Dating Emergency Q & A
o How Can I Find Out If The Boy I Kissed Has A Girlfriend?
o How Can I Stop Being Her Friend And Be Her Boyfriend?
o How Can I Tell Him His Long Nails Bother Me?
o Is There A Way Of Finding Out If My Ex Is The Father Before I’m Pregnant?
o I’m Not Pregnant But I Have An STD. What Do I Do Now?
o Her Mom Hates Me. What Can I Do?
o How Can I Get Someone To Notice Me?
o Do Guys Fake Orgasms?
o How Can I Get Over A Guy Who Says That He’s Emotionally Unavailable?
o How Can I Undo I Love You?
o How Can I Get My Ex Back For Good?
o Is My Boyfriend Seeing Someone Else?
o Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?
o What Are Some Good Places To Find A Date?
o How Can I Get Him To Spend Time With Me Instead Of Sneaking Around Me?
o What Should I Do If He Hacked My Computer?