How To Be In The Right Perspective For Dating

Your desire to find THE ONE is not a dream, it’s a GOAL that is completely possible for you to achieve.

Many experts will recommend viewing dates like job interviews. Well we agree with them completely. Just as with job interviews, you can’t expect that the first interview will get you a job! You may have to go on hundreds of interviews before you are finally hired. The exact same is as when dating. The first person you’ll go on a date probably won’t be THE ONE. That’s a cold hard fact. Keep that in mind.

On the other hand, the same odds are also for the opposing side. Imagine you are an employer. Understand that you may find someone to fill the position, but they may have what they perceive to be a better offer elsewhere. When dating you might meet someone you think could be your girl or guy, but they decide to date other people. Hey, there is a chance that won’t happen. YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN UNTIL YOU LIVE IT. You can’t rule out the possibility that things could go in a favorable or unfavorable way. It’s like flipping a coin.

There's a chance, although we realistically know the odds.

Then here we have it; the LOGIC to know that the chances are slim! Much of dating is based on logic. This is why it is so important for you to be mentally prepared to KEEP DATING until there is a match. How many? It’s all up to your luck but most important than luck, your BELIEF and DETERMINATION to find your counterpart, so DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. KEEP AN OPEN MIND and know that you have HUNDREDS OF OPTIONS.

One of the primary reasons people become jaded by dating is due to the fact that it is very hard psychologically to keep meeting prospects, getting to know them and then ultimately having to let them go if it looks like there isn't a match. Cutting off the emotional ties are not always as easy as turning off a light switch.

In order to be in the right perspective for dating you have to adopt a strong NO-NONSENSE stand point about achieving your goal. You must also be extremely PERSISTENT, PATIENT and NEVER GIVE UP on your goal.

Part of never giving up and being persistent is not SETTLING for relationships that don't work.

Think of being an employer hiring someone to fill a position again. There are certain factors and behaviors you would not accept in an employee no matter how good looking or good they look on paper.

When things go wrong do not let it faze you. It certainly isn't the end of the world. Instead of criticizing yourself, you should be on an elevator saying hello to the next cute stranger you see! Just keep on turning the page until you fulfill your mission. Be like the Terminator!

GO ON SEVERAL DATES! And don’t stop until you find THE ONE. No matter how tough situations become you must never forget that and don't let disappointments get you down.

To protect oneself we'll often create rules, but setting rules are part of the problem.  Ultimately, THERE ARE NO RULES WHEN IT COMES TO TRUE LOVE!

Having rules implies that dating is a game to play to win.  DATING IS NOT A GAME. Think of terms like “PLAYER” and “USER”. Anyone who looks at dating as if it is a game is not looking to find a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP or is foolishly under the impression that they can trick a "player" into a serious relationship.

Let's be brave enough to take risks along this adventure knowing the POSSIBILITIES and the DANGERS to AVOID.  Love is totally worth the effort!

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