Dear Friends,

Making actual contact with singles can be tricky. You will brush shoulders with people from all over the world at a glance. For the loveless, it can be a very lonely vortex with very little hope to change their luck. Let's face it, love isn’t a logical endeavor no matter where you live as we search for a man or woman who is intelligent, funny, financially secure, loves kids, gets along with your friends and family, satisfies your sexual needs, etc. With so many variables to consider, is there hope?


True love is definitely worth it!

Bust out that strict laundry list of must-have traits that you nearly balled up and threw in the trash and let's really take a look at it. Let's take a look at your past relationships too, because they are the building blocks to help you find the love of your life. Hopefully, this guide will have some dating tips, links, and poignant advice that can help in an informational and entertaining way.

This guide is based on our findings and observations both personally and some agreed upon by other leading dating and relationship advice experts.  Some of our methods are also bizarre.  Many will dispute their effectiveness…  

Updates, changes, and additions will always be adapted to this guide so keep visiting the Dating Emergency Room to find out all of our recommendations for your dating emergencies.

As always we wish you good luck with everything in your life, where ever you are in the world.