How To Determine The Outcome Of Your Date

It is pretty easy to sum up the way you feel after a date. If you are interested in seeing this person again, it’s tricky determining exactly where you stand. Here you will be on your own.

Listen To Your Intuition. Dating intuition is always right on the money.

While you are on the date, remember to pay close attention during the date. While you are observing, DON’T LOOK FOR FAULTS. Don’t be overcritical. This is the first date. It’s nerve wrecking. Don’t get inebriated. Stay alert so you can assess the future you may have with your date. Everything you hear see or sense will make the biggest difference.

If by the end of the date you haven’t talked about meeting again, it’s probably not a good sign things are going well. You can be honest and say, “I’d like to see you again.” They can take it or leave it.

Whatever the outcome, don’t take it personally. Your mission is to set up a date. Either it’s with them or you can rush home to arrange one with someone new.

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