How To Handle Blind Dates

Even if you are meeting someone and have seen pictures of, this is still a BLIND DATE! Pictures often make individuals look different than what they actually look like. Pictures also don’t reveal mannerisms, age, height, and weight gain or loss.

The key is not to spend too much time before the date on the phone, email, text messaging with strangers. Time and time again we hear stories from our readers over extending the pre-meeting stage and it pumps up their expectations way too much.

Ultimately, you need VALIDATION that you are indeed attracted… otherwise; you are WASTING YOUR TIME!

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Allow yourself the chance to get to know each other casually, but keep it brief enough. If you do develop a strong relationship with someone without actually meeting them, remember to be aware that what you are attracted to is not their appearance. You'll then be fine.

BE SAFE. Plan your meeting in a public place and report what you are going to do with a close friend or family. Don't forget this step.

DO NOT plan a lavish evening when meeting a blind date. You should meet for coffee or a drink and set the date to last 30 minutes up front so they know, this is how much time you both have to determine the basics. It’s a very clean operation.

However I do stress that you go into the date with NO EXPECTATIONS!

By the end of the date, you’ll know whether you want to give it a try or not.

Also, don’t be offended if you are not exactly what they had hoped either. Once this crucial stage is out of the way, it will be so much easier to carry on with the dating process if you do indeed like each other. You don’t have to leave after the half hour is up, heck if you are having a great time you won’t notice that it went over the time limit.

Whatever you are getting to eat or drink, please pay for your own and don’t offer to pay for your date’s unless there was a special agreement made beforehand. This is a blind date and it’s best to keep things separate until you feel that there is more behind this and you’re ok with either letting someone else pay or being the one to pay the bill.

Try to stay in conversation for at least the full half hour out of respect for your date’s time and effort. Be patient with the conversation process because someone who is nervous may need a little extra time to loosen up and feel more at ease.

Under no circumstances should you be going to a private location with your stranger.

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