Dating Website Links & Tips On How To Use Them

Dating on-line is essentially a God-send for those who are shy about walking up to strangers and introducing themselves. The introduction is basically all in your profile and all one has to do is read the contents to see if there is a match. It sounds easy, but here are some tips safeguard your experience.

Do not lie to fulfill a role you believe your type of date would like. When you choose what kind of relationship you want, DO NOT fill in multiple types of relationships. Fill in only one. You are looking for a serious relationship or you are looking for a hook-up. It cannot be both. Anyone who reads your profile will remember the lesser important relationship. Relationship status, Children, age, and occupation should be honestly reported as well.

Your Profile Picture:
Your profile photo is your first impression. Use a real picture of yourself that is current and not photoshoped to death. If you do, you will be setting them up for a disappointment when you finally meet and putting your self-esteem at risk for rejection. Actually the more pictures the better your responses because more of your personality will be revealed.

1) Do not reveal too many traceable details about yourself such as your real full name, address, phone number, and work information. You can begin to reveal more information once you get to know a potential online date.
2) You should definitely use your real first name or a nickname for your profile name, but that's it. You can give your number to a potential date when you think it's time to talk.
3) Do not spend an abundance of time emailing, chatting, texting, and talking on the phone without meeting at least once.  After you've done this a few times you will realize that these activities are about 80% a waste of time.
4) Arrange to meet only in very public places for a short meeting of 15 minutes.  You can see them for more than 15 minutes, but this just gives you a chance to exit gracefully if you are getting immediate bad vibes.

Someone once tweeted that they thought our list of safety rules were too strict.  But there is nothing like still being alive after your first date!  Be safe!

Below are a list of dating websites and local dating event groups.  We apologize ahead of time for any websites that are no longer available on the links.  We try to update them regularly.

General Dating Websites:
o 2 Busy 2 Date
o Book Of Matches
o Cyber Dating
o Date Hookup
o eHarmony
o Link All
o Live Date Search
o Love Awake
o Mingle 2
o Ok Cupid
o PerfectMatch
o Plenty Of Fish

Local Groups With Dating Events For The General Public:
o 8 Minute Dating
o CosmoParty
o Date And Dash
o Date In The City
o Fast Life
o FlirtFete (may not be active)
o Hurry Date
o Magic Match Party
o Moxie In The City
o NY Easy Dates
o NY Minute Dating
o On Speed Dating
o Pre-dating
o Real Live People Party
o Social Circles
o Weekend Dating

o New York Dating Coach

Jewish Singles:
o Jewish Speed Dating in New York City
o Shoshanna's Matches

Dating Rich Men & Women:
o Millionaire Match
o Seeking Arrangement
o Seeking Millionaire
o Sugar
o Wealthy

Interracial Dating:
o Afro Romance
o All Interracial Dating
o Black And White Singles
o Color Blind Personals
o InterMixx
o Interracial Match
o Interracial Romance

Beautiful Singles:
o Darwin Dating
o Model Quality Introductions

Smart Singles:
o Geek 2 Geek

Sporty Singles:
o Cycling Singles
o Running Singles

Political Singles:
o Democrat Singles

o Big

o Adult Friendfinder (there are pop ups on this webpage)

o Alternative Connections
o B
o Bi Cupid
o Bisexual Passions
o Bisexual Playground
o Connexion
o Curious Love
o Executive Gay Dating
o Executive Lesbian Dating
o Femmate
o Gay Male Center
o Gay Match Maker
o Gay Meeting
o Girlfriends Meet
o Grrl 2 Grrl
o Lesbian Dating Personals
o Pride Dating

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