The Proper Way To End A Date That You Are Not Into

Going on a date doesn’t guarantee you a home run.  Think positively and realistically. Chances are you might not meet your perfect mate on your first try or your 17th try, but wow on the 118th maybe you did it. Give yourself many chances to succeed by failing.

Be nice. If a date doesn’t go well, be gracious and courteous until the end. You’re enduring the rest of the date and being friendly, so their self-esteem won’t be wiped clean.  If you are really traumatized, it's OK to just leave.

BUT NOTE THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO SCHEDULE ANOTHER DATE. Do not lead them on romantically.  If you foresee a friendship please let them know that you  would like to keep in touch.

They may or may not be hurt. But it is so important that if you are not interested in the person you are dating that you STOP SEEING THEM as early as possible. You must spend your time wisely in search of a better match. Turn that page and move on.

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