How To Be Happily Single

Telling someone how to be happily single is like trying to convince a lion to become a vegetarian while you are covered in fresh blood. We will feebly try to share how to achieve happiness while being single.

First you need to understand why it is important to be HAPPILY SINGLE while you are looking for THE ONE. When you are happily single you will become IRRISISTABLE to everyone. The best part of being HAPPILY SINGLE is that you won’t notice if people are not interested in you. It won’t even matter in your universe!

The only way to be HAPPILY SINGLE is to BE IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF.  You've heard it a thousand times but it’s true!

Many people claim to love themselves but there is a titanic difference between satisfying yourself and truly loving yourself and that is where people get it mixed up. You can satisfy yourself by providing the best for yourself with outwardly pleasures, such as surrounding yourself with luxury, and treating yourself often. Those things are great if you can obtain them. But why are people who are rich still looking for happiness.  Why can't new shoes, plastic surgery, or a new toy make it all better for good. It’s not about what’s happening on the outside, what you look like or how YOU THINK people view you.

It’s about what’s going on inside.

Do you like yourself?

If you were someone else, would you hang out with you?

If so then prove it… Hang out with yourself. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself tough questions. Laugh with yourself.  Make it a date.

In order to truly love yourself, you must ENJOY BEING ALONE. You don’t always have to be alone, but when you are alone, you aren’t wishing you could just call someone to join you and it would make it more enjoyable. You should enjoy the time you spend alone.

If you find you don’t like yourself so much, ask yourself why?  It should not be about focusing on physical imperfections. Everyone has those.  It should be about your deep feelings about yourself. Do you have respect for yourself? Are you the person you want to be?  Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. If you have to see a therapist to work things through, then do it! The act of seeking help is on the road to loving one’s self.

On the way, here are some other suggestions to help you to be HAPPILY SINGLE:

o Analyze and MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS.  Being able to "manage your emotions" means being able to separate how you feel from the moment while clearly making right choices for your future. You can avoid over or under reacting, focusing your energy toward fulfilling your personal goals. No regrets.

o AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE. You know who they are. It could be a cousin that always sees the worst in everything and everyone, or a friend that always trash talks or makes you feel small. Make sure that the people around you are people who support you and aren't bringing you down. There are some people you can’t escape from like negative coworkers and family. Do what you can to avoid interacting with them as much as possible. It does wonders to help keep a clear mind towards happiness.

o SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE AND REINFORCEMENTS. It will rub off on you, but most of all you must refrain from speaking and thinking negatively yourself.

o OCCUPY YOUR FREE TIME. Don’t waste time worrying about all of the things that are not the way you want it in your life on your down time. Do things you like doing any chance you get… hobbies, past times, whatever. The ones that are free are the best because you can do them as often as you’d like. Fill your time with activities that you enjoy.

o STAY POSITIVE. This is not so easy to achieve when life throws us sucker punches every day, but you have to bounce back as quickly as you possibly can. Always look towards A BETTER TOMORROW and tomorrow is only a day away (just like the song in “Annie” or the last words from” Gone With The Wind”). You have to keep a positive outlook on life in order to be happy. You must be confident in your positive outlook. Let no negative comments by others change your view. There is always a tomorrow. You would not allow someone you loved wallow in sadness, right? Then never do that to yourself.

o SMILE.  Think of great thoughts and smile. Put all of your hopes and dreams into that smile. It’s fascinating how your smile becomes infectious.

o APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE that support you. Be humble and grateful for life and the gifts in it, though sometimes they seem so few, they are what you have.

o Be CONFIDENT and know that you are on the journey to enrich your life every way every day.

o You must be PATIENT and have FAITH you will get all of the wonderful things you deserve in your life.

These are the keys to being HAPPILY SINGLE!

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