Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Over Extend The Date

You’ve had a wonderful time with your date for the evening and an idea pops into their heads that you can spend even more time together if you extend the date possibly until the next morning. What do you do?

Perhaps this could be the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, BUT THIS IS STILL A STRANGER. People seem to lose sight of this and jump willingly to a stranger’s whims. It works in movies all of the time, but in real life, this is how people get heart broken. This is also how people get murdered.

BE SELFISH about your safety and your dating goals. Not allowing the night to end sends a direct message that you in NEED of someone to keep you from feeling lonely.  It seems DESPERATE, which is not attractive.  You think that staying out with your date lets them know how important they are to you, but not really.  In reality, it's too easy.  It lacks any challenge to dominate you.  It tells them that your plans, goals, and discipline can be easily manipulated and puts them in control way too soon without having to earn that right to become a priority in your life.

Do not go down this road!

Think about it.  It is easy to pretend to be in love with someone for a day.  Is it an act?  Will it last?  Schedule another date and find out.  You will soon discover their true intentions if they still want to see you again or not.  True love lasts.   If it is meant to be, you’ll share many more wonderful evenings together. If not at least you’ll be seeing someone soon, right?  Don't get hung up if you lose a pretender.  Keep things moving.  Next!

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