Safety Precautions You Should Take Before Going On A Date

Date safely! Your dating experiences shouldn't become easy opportunities for criminal acts. Make sure you follow these tips.

o Feel out your date as much as you can before meeting.  If this is a person who you know through friends, work, or family this may not be so much for you as it would be for a person who you meet casually while alone.

o Have your dates in a public place.

o Tell someone you know (a trusted friend or family member) who you are seeing and where you are going to meet up.  Give them as much information as you can about them.  Even leaving some kind of diary of the event on your computer would be good.

o Have your phone fully charged before the date.

o Handle your own drinks!

o Never get drunk on the first few dates.  You want to have a clear mind to make good decisions.

o If plans change suddenly, send a text or leave a message with a friend.

o No matter how amazing the date is going do not go their home for any reason if you do not know them very well.

o No matter how amazing the date is going or do not invite them into your home if you do not know them very well and you live alone.

In the beginning uphold these rules for your safety.

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