Why You should Not Have Sex Right Away

DON’T HAVE SEX TOO SOON! (If you are seeking a serious relationship.)

Why? You like this person and they like you. Why can’t you just do what you want to do? You’re adults. Times have changed.

In theory, it sounds plausible... if you secretly want a body mate and not a soul mate.

The reality is that sex doesn't go hand in hand with love or even attraction.  It's even simpler than you think.  They are all separate.

So let's say after a wonderful evening together, you and your date decide to top things off with a night of passion to complete your union.  It sounds cute, but that is not the actual message you are sending by sleeping with someone too soon.  They see a NEEDY person with SELF-ESTEEM issues. You don’t care who it is, you just want someone to show you affection for the night. And anyone who rushes to try to get you to have sex too soon is expecting you to be NEEDY enough to step right into a sexual arrangement without romantic commitment.  This is the classic set-up for the all too popular booty-call trap.

If you truly like a guy or girl, enjoy the dating experience of falling in love and getting to know each other. KNOW CONFIDENTLY that if this is meant to be, intimacy will get there soon enough. You can wait. Waiting displays CONFIDENCE. People are ATTRACTED TO CONFIDENCE. This is the kind of attraction that keeps the calls coming; not how easy it was to sleep together.

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