The Power Of Being Available

Being AVAILABLE is a tricky thing. There are so many ways to be available, but the question is being available in the right way. It’s not just being single but being emotionally comfortable and stable in your world as a single person. This kind of availability makes you almost irresistible.

Timing is everything, but it is also a degree of success that is left to luck. Once that moment of opportunity comes your way, YOU MUST BE READY for it. That means get everything out of your way so you can be available.

A lot of us miss our opportunities to meet really awesome dates because we get invested in relationships that eventually leave us unhappy. This person we are dating could be THE ONE if they would just open up, or finally see you for who you truly are. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. You may have to experience this a few times to finally get fed up enough to know exactly when to get out of a relationship that is going nowhere. As soon as you know, you must move on. Don’t wait for the other person to call things off or waiting for some magical spark to occur. You are the captain of this ship. If a sailor is not doing his or her job, fire them…

And vice versa if the person you are seeing suddenly stops communication. Use the employer analogy.  If your brand new employee doesn't show up for work, you'd give them a promotion.  No.  You'd want to find out if it's a result of a clandestine emergency or a behavioral issue.  If it is a behavioral issue, you'd probably fire them.  A new employee should be impressing you, not letting you down.  Such is the same as a new love interest.  You should be in the honeymoon stages of discovery, not uncertainty.

Free yourself by freeing your mind of it. This path is about dealing with people who are ready to love. Those who aren’t ready to love are not qualified. They have only made it easier for you to eliminate them from your prospect list. They are not THE ONE.

Get into the mindset that either you are with the one or you are available.  If a person doesn't seem to be responding to your romantic interest, recognize it and detach ASAP.  Kill your interest.  Why? People who don’t want to get to know you or try to understand you are not your concern. They are the detour to your path. Your path should always be towards a true and beautiful life. The people in that path support you, understand you, and WANT you in their lives just as much as you WANT them in yours. You don’t even have to decode their actions. All you have to do to attract them is STOP WASTING YOUR TIME on the wrong ones.  BE AVAILABLE for the person who WILL care and who WILL WANT to understand. That person is out there waiting to meet you. You MUST be AVAILABLE.


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