How To Figure Out If You Are Dating A Pick Up Artist, A Serial Dater, Or A User

Pick up artist are pretty cut and dry. Their whole purpose in life is to get your contact details. Their method is to be as funny, entertaining and will be the first to initiate contact. They will be as shocking and interesting as possible in the very first few minutes of meeting them.

Will they call you? There is a 50% chance. They meet so many people they may not even remember you.

Now the thing with pick-up artist is that they are not out to do anything bad. They are just trying to increase their chances of meeting someone special and don’t mind a few meaningless flings along the way. It’s kind of an erratic way to date, but it the main goal of this type of dater is to exploit the attraction that others have for them to temporarily get what they want, be it sex, money, or validation that they still have "it". The intention is to get these benefits from as many people as they can without respect for anyone’s feelings (even though they don't actually mean to hurt any one's feelings).  It's a casualty. They have no interest in confirming any kind of commitment with their targets and feed off the dating pool like a parasite!

This type of person will make it hard on regular daters to shake off, especially if you are not firm with what your relationship desires are. For instance it is a common practice of theirs to say that they are not ready for a commitment right now, yet eventually want a long-term relationship, want to date other people and insist that you continue to see them and prefer them to all others.

This confusion could be completely honest, but this confusion also gives way to the notion that you can change them or win their heart, which is completely unlikely.  It will be a total and utter complete WASTE OF TIME.  This is precious time you could be available to THE ONE!

And for the pick-up artist, there is a HIGH about meeting someone NEW that they keep repeating the cycle, using the same conversation material, and may even visit the same romantic places over and over.

Are they sick? Who knows?  You won’t be able to tell any of these dating types apart from the general population.  Even if you guess, you might be wrong and can appear in any gender and in any sexual orientation.


Some one will approach you and you'll give them your contact information. They might call you, they might not. No loss.  The best way to deal with them is to head them off at the pass. Through out a few one-liners of your own and be cleaver, catch them off guard. Stay on your toes. If anything, pick-up artist provide great practice.

The ONLY thing that you need to have in your arsenal is to remember that you will not get involved with anyone who is not ready for  the kind of dating you want.  If you want a committed relationship don't settle for "not ready". Show no signs of weakness or confusion.  DO NOT NEGOTIATE. That is the most important thing. If they are not willing to tango on YOUR TERMS... there's no tango. 

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