What You Need To Do To Prepare On The Outside That Can Affect How You Feel The Inside

Before you begin the dating process you must make sure you are not just ready emotionally, but send out ALL of the signals that you are ready to tango! In the animal kingdom, many male and females impress their suitors with colorful visual displays and unique beckoning calls. So it is much the same for humans.

In your case, you are not going to make any drastic changes that you can’t live with, right? So, NO DRASTIC CHANGES. Drastic makeovers are great to shock all of your friends and family, but they can give your date the wrong impression of the real you. The only way that drastic changes will work is if you can keep them up, integrating the upkeep into your lifestyle permanently.

So let's look at your lifestyle and the lifestyle you want. Do you enjoy your lifestyle as it is but you'd like someone to share it with?

Is your lifestyle on the path to what you'd like it to be and you'd like someone to travel there with you?

You are simply going to take an inventory of what you have and make sure that you are living your best lifestyle within your own power. Take the best care of yourself.

Easier said than done. But there are some small steps that you can take to get there. Take as much time as you need.

o REFRESH YOUR CLOSET by donating all of the clothes and shoes that are too old or you do not wear. Keep or purchase a few classic staples in your closet what will keep you looking sharp for the next 6 months to a year in neutral colors like black, brown, or Tan. These colors go with anything. If you need to purchase new items with bright colors, stay within the trends but they must also compliment your body’s shape. If you need direction, try taking a good look at the people and lifestyle you are attracted to. It will give you a good idea of how to pull it off. Take a look at HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT YOU. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t fit you especially if they are loose or tight in awkward areas. Even clothes on mannequins have to be pinned or altered in many department stores to look like the look of a perfect fit. Consider having them tailored at your local dry cleaning shop.

o JOIN A GYM if you do not belong to one already. Exercise not just to stay or get in shape but to keep a healthy heart, lower your blood pressure, increase your metabolism, and endurance over all. Besides the health benefits, it can also recharge your sense of accomplishment on a daily basis and you’ll be more confident.

o Eat healthy foods; it will keep your body clear of impurities, enhance your health, and increase your positive energy during each day.

o Keep yourself busy outside of work like join a group, socialize, or volunteer. By simply adding more to your schedule, you will increase your body's metabolism.

o WHITEN YOUR TEETH to brighten up your smile. It’s a simple way to just put that extra “amaZING” in your smile. Don't go too far so that your smile is neon.  Attempt a gentle natural brightening.

o REFRESH YOUR HAIRSTYLE. Nothing drastic, once again. A little cut, refresh the color. No trendy cuts you will later regret. Keep it simple.

o Refresh your mind by PAMPERING YOURSELF with a spa treatment. Facials can do wonders. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

o Work on SELF IMPROVEMENT constantly, mentally and physically. It’s basic and we all know that we should take care of ourselves. But let’s face it, we all slack off every once in a while. You should practice this refreshing system as often as every 3 months at a time and should not stop once you find your dream mate. These activities will keep you in a positive mind set even when you are facing troubles that can pop up unexpectedly.

If you are doing most of this already, then go on and spoil yourself even more! There is nothing to be ashamed of.


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