Casual Dating & Hook-Ups

If you are looking for EASY HOOK-UPS please pay attention.

The best place to find easy hook ups would be the old-fashioned classifieds, or specific hook up dating websites that are all over the Internet.

The general population is the worst place for you to find this kind of arrangement! It is possible, but tread carefully when dealing with people who say that they are just dating casually… especially just after you said you were doing the same. It’s sad, but within the general population, you will meet people who will actually SETTLE for a hook-up, but are secretly looking for SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS.

When you muster up the nerve to break it to them, that after spending time together, you still want to date around, they may not take it very well. Sometimes the end result can be as simple as a rainfall of tears or as disturbing as a restraining order. You can avoid drama by making things crystal clear from the beginning.

DON’T SEND OUT MIXED SIGNALS by trying to get to get them to open up about their feelings. When you are asked, where you see yourself in 5 years, you might not want to say that you see yourself married with kids even if it is true. Keep things simple. You shouldn't be having that conversation with them. It’s totally okay for you to be unsure of what you want, but that is not what you want to leave as an impression to others because it leaves a lot open to interpretation.  A "maybe" is always a "yes".

LEAVE NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION. Don’t try to make the sound of hooking up seem cool by saying that you are just “seeing where things go.” The problem with that statement is the word “things”. It’s vague and leaves much to the imagination. BE COMPLETELY HONEST.  "I am only interested in sex."  Make that your calling card or go to phase.

And remember, that if you went through the right channels to find your date and she or he knows your position, treat them with respect.  For those who are commitment phobic, avoid saying, “I don’t want a relationship”.  It is not a fair statement in truth. When you’re engaging with people, you are forming relationships, personal or not. For instance, when describing the people in our lives no matter how insignificant we always say "my", friend, boss, TV repairman, classmate, booty call…

Denying a relationship its validity can cause permanent psychological damage to the person you are seeing as if it were a complete denial that it is even happening.  It stirs up too many emotional strings even though your intention is to cut those strings.  Remember, this is a human being. Not validating relationships implies shame. There should be no shame in dating how ever you are doing it.

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