You Asked: How Can I Get Him To Spend Time With Me Instead Of Sneaking Around Me?

You Asked:
There is a guy that I like very much and I think he likes me. We’ve been kinda talking for about 4 weeks. He never responds to my calls or texts but when we hang out together he mentions things randomly like a stalker. He sometimes say things that he found out about me from my Twitter or my Facebook page. I’m confused. It’s a little creepy, but if he’s just shy, maybe I can help him to open up more. How can I get him to spend time with me instead of sneaking around me? (Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answer:
 This doesn't look good at all..

First of all, at 4 weeks of dating, it's too early for there to be confusion.  This is your honeymoon phase. This is the time you should simply be enjoying each other’s company and becoming friends.

Secondly, no one can “get” another person to do something and shouldn't try to change him. He knows what he’s doing and likes doing it! You are hopeful there is a chance there is a Prince Charming underneath the weirdness.  There isn't.

Thirdly, not returning your phone calls and text messages is a DEMEANING, DISRESPECTFUL and DISMISSIVE act. He is sending a direct message to you that he only thinks of you as an object to be used for his distant pleasure and NOT A REAL PERSON TO RELATE WITH! The saddest part of all is that YOU ARE ACTUALLY LETTING HIM treat you this way. He tosses random disturbing comments at your feet as if they were tokens of affection to keep you wondering where you stand in his universe.

Do you want to be treated respectfully and one day meet your soul mate? You’ll need to stop engaging with him. No calls. No text. He doesn’t return them anyway. On Facebook you can even change your settings so he is limited to what he can see on your profile. Block him if you have to. Be careful what personal information you tweet.

You can however approach him on the subject (when you just so happen to be hanging out together, which is no accident either) and tell him that his behavior is unacceptable. It is not a stroke of genius that I know that he will pretend he knows nothing about it. But it will shake him up a bit and he might move on to a less intelligent victim he can have a dysfunctional relationship with.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

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