You Asked: What Are Some Good Places To Find A Date?

You Asked:
Some people say that in order to meet a good quality date you should look in places like church, the Laundromat, and the grocery store. Is that true? And do you have any suggestions? (Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
I don't know about that theory because you can meet good quality people anywhere. They don't suddenly become bad when they go to nightclubs and bars. Date without limits.

Everywhere is a good place.  You'll be most successful if you go to places that are an extension of something you enjoy such as a bookstore for a book lover.  If you are religious, a church would be a great place to meet a like-minded mate.   Pay attention to the people around you, on the elevator, at the deli, on the train, and strike up a conversation.  That's how you meet people.   Just say hello.

Good luck!

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