You Asked: Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?

You Asked:
I found a used condom in my girlfriend's trashcan. She said that he was just playing around with it and was testing me to see how jealous I would get. Do you think she is cheating on me? (Thomas G. from NYC)

Dating Emergency Answered:
Whoa, that is pretty heavy!  What was she thinking?

It's hard to tell if she is cheating or not. Her insecurity seems to be the source of her behavior, which has now surfaced doubt about her commitment. Maybe this is her way of getting your attention and fulfils her desire to see you display how much you care about her.

Right now you are playing right into her hands. You are still wondering if she's really yours or not. If this game-play of unnecessary drama is okay with you then you guys are a perfect match.

If you really want a drama-free relationship with her, have a talk with her about this behavior and explain to her why it’s not acceptable. Verbalize your feelings and frustration. But most important of all, listen to her as well. She must open up about what’s really bothering her and causing her to act out in such an immature way.

The doubt will always be there for you whether or not she is truly committed to you.  You may have to move on.  The ideal is to have a relationship that's strong, not one that is fractured.

Good luck Thomas!

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