You Asked: Is My Boyfriend Seeing Someone Else?

You Asked:
My boyfriend has been distant lately. He never takes me out like he used to and we definitely don't have sex of any kind anymore. We hardly talk. I don't know what to do because I still love him and I don't want to loose him. I am afraid he is seeing someone else. Do you think he is? (Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
All the signs point to what you fear, but all we know is that something has his attention and it's not you. It could be anything from pressures at work to something medical. You just don't know.

Ultimately, you must confront him, but don't accuse.  Ask him what's going on in his life.  Communication is the golden key to relationships.

Also, in the desire to want to know the truth, you must be prepared to know how to handle the truth. If he is seeing someone else, what is your plan? Think about the possibilities and your options, good, bad, or ugly. If you can do that before confronting him, you will be better prepared.

Good luck!

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