You Asked: How Can I Get My Ex Back For Good?

You Asked:
I have been with my bf for 1 year and we broke up and got back together again. But now we broke up again 2weeks ago. Now this weekend we hung out and we ended up having sex again. I know it was wrong but I can't say no to him. I want to get back together with him, but this time afterwards he didn't talk about getting back together. He just said he would call me next week. I've been crying ever since. Please tell me what can I do to get him back for good? (Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
He may actually have strong feelings for you but you are making it way too easy for him to walk in and out of your life. Being so available to him whenever he wants sets you up to look DESPERATE in his eyes.  The equality has been diminished.

At this point it may be too late because he's spoiled and used to being in charge of the relationship while you suffer.

You have to consider why you keep breaking up and wouldn't it be nice to put the breaks on the revolving door.

Stop hanging out with him and become unavailable. Tell him straight to his face, you are willing to be with him in a committed romantic relationship but you don't have time for anything else.

By setting boundaries you are sending him a direct message that you are not DESPERATE. It just might turn the tables and make him do some real soul searching about his feelings for you.

If he’s gone, then at least you have some closure and be available to meet your one and only Mr. Right.

Good Luck!

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