You Asked: How Can I Undo "I Love You"?

You Asked:
I made a big mistake and blurted out that I loved my girlfriend during sex. Now she is all over me doing all of these special things for me. I really like her but I just don't want to hurt her feelings. How can I fix this? (From Evan in Staten Island, NY)

Dating Emergency Answered:
It's totally natural to say you love someone in the heat of the moment, but unfortunately you can't undo this one, Evan.

If you don't love her and don't think that you ever will, it's time you tell her the truth so the both of you can move on. It will hurt her feelings!  Continuing to lie to her will only create resentment.

If you are not sure how you feel then be honest with that too and you should keep an open mind. Being that you are a couple, things were going in the love direction anyway.

Good Luck!

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