You Asked: Her Mom Hates Me. What Can I Do?

You Asked:
Things are going really good with my girlfriend and I. Over the holidays we both decided to take eachother to see our parents. Everything went fine when I took her to see my mom and dad. She even got a long with my sister. But when I went over to meet her family, her mom kept giving me dirty looks and making insulting remarks. I didn’t want to be disrespectful, but I don’t deserve this. What can I do? This could be my future mother-in-law! (John St. Paul, MN)

Dating Emergency Answered:
Sorry to hear that you are going through this John.

Friends and family can get pretty defensive about anyone coming into their loved one's lives. It could be a fear of you taking her away or that you might mistreat her in some way.

Your best option would be to ask your girlfriend to do a bit of mediating and have a talk with her mother. She knows her mother better than anyone so maybe she can sort this whole thing out for you.

Another option would be to spend time with Mom so she can understand your intentions.

Good luck!

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