You Asked: How Can I Get Someone To Notice Me?

You Asked:
How can I get this guy at my school to notice me? (Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
Well, I don’t recommend trying to be noticed in a physical way, because it has no affect unless you just want him to sleep with you and you don’t want a relationship out of this.

You’ll have to actually introduce yourself by speaking to him. If you like him, you have probably been watching him for a while. Think about the things he already likes, wears, or does. Get creative, how does any of those things relate to you and the things in your life. Use them to break the ice.

Hey where did you get your jacket? I was going to get one just like that for my brother / cousin. How did you do on the pop quiz? I noticed you had the fish for lunch. How was that?

Just start the conversation.

Good luck, sweetie!

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