You Asked: I’m Not Pregnant But I Have An STD. What Do I Do Now?

You Asked:
I’m following up to my earlier question you answered for me (Is There A Way Of Finding Out If My Ex Is The Father Before I’m Pregnant?). Thanks your suggestions and thanks for not making fun of my situation. I knew I was doing some messed up things. I found out that I am not pregnant. But I did find out that I had Gonorrhea. I’m taking medicine for that so I should be fine in a few weeks. And I am in therapy. I had to tell all of the guys I slept with that I contracted Gonorrhea and most of those jerks denied that they could possibly have it. I got it from someone. Three of them didn’t seem too interested in getting checked. They were just pissed at me. One of them said he was actually going to get checked. I’m just concerned that they are spreading it without knowing it, or don’t even care. My ex is still my ex, but he’s been very supportive. Even though he was the last guy I slept with, luckily he did not get it (the STD). I guess my question is what do you think I should do from here? (From Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
We are so happy you took our suggestions! Gonorrhea is curable. Many STDs aren't.

Stay in therapy. It will help guide you through this transition. Depend on supporters, friends, family, whom ever you rely on when in need.

You did the right thing by contacting your recent sexual partners to tell them the news. It’s now their responsibility to do the right thing for themselves and their other partners. Who you got it from is insignificant. This is not a time to point the blame. Think about ways you can avoid being at risk in the future.

Also, although your ex is there for you, unless you’re getting back together, you should have more time away from him so you can fully heal from the break up, which I believe caused your promiscuous behavior in the first place. Meet up for lunch or platonic gatherings. Don’t “end up” having sex with him by spending too much time with him all alone. It’s too easy and he won’t respect you for it. Stand your ground; because although he’s confused about the role he wants to play in your life, you can’t afford to be confused. It’s your life, so take charge of it.

Good luck!

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