You Asked: Is There A Way Of Finding Out If My Ex Is The Father Before I’m Pregnant?

You Asked:
Since I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago, I have slept with 4 guys, two of them twice. All of them are cool guys, but I can only think of my ex. I broke down and called him but he says he's not sure he wants to get back together because he thought I would wait for him to come back and not sleep with anyone. Meanwhile, we had sex, just before he told me that. Oh and btw, I am late for my period and I don't know which guy could be the father if I am pregnant. Is there any way to find that out before it's too late. (From Anonymous)

Dating Emergency Answered:
Holy Jerry Springer!

You should get a pregnancy test and checked out for STDs immediately. It would be good to know where you stand and not panic just yet.

Then, I think you should seek professional counseling. You must see why you are engaging with so many sexual partners, in such a short period of time. Is it simply to fill the void your ex left emotionally or physically.  A good professional can hash things out with you and get to the core of the problem. It will help you immensely.

We are only guessing that your break up triggered a need for love and attention and sex is the quickest and easiest form to achieve.  Unfortunately, this detached kind of sex often leave one feeling empty, and often times in a pickle like yours.

If you are pregnant, or if you want to be a mother some day, you must start taking care of your mental well being, OK. Good luck!

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