How To Avoid The Number One Mistake In The Dating World

The number one mistake made when dating is that at least half of the population ASSUMES that the person they are dating is dating them EXCLUSIVELY. This is not always the case. Quite frankly, this is almost never the case. In fact, your date may actually be currently dating MULTIPLE individuals to increase their chances of being in a romantic relationship.

It might not be something that you want to hear, but it's true. And it's not cheating because remember that dating is not a romantic relationship. It is the precursor to it.

This is why we stress the fact that you must COMMUNICATE about how you feel and if you’d like to proceed exclusively or stay on the prowl. Do this EARLY ON in the development of the relationship so you both can determine how much time you should devote to this venture and where you stand.

If your date decides that they do not want to date exclusively, it’s still not a deal breaker yet. He or she is simply looking at their many options, WHICH YOU SHOULD BE TOO!  You should put a limit on this allowance.  At some point a decision to be more than dating friends should occur.

Try scheduling one day a week to set up one date. If you miss a week or two, don’t worry, but your goal is to try as hard as you can to fill every week with a date. It could be with a new prospect, or it could be the same person several weeks in a row, if you get along well. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

The key to dating is all in the NUMBER OF DATES you can go on and never giving up until you meet someone you can develop a mutual commitment with.

DON'T GIVE UP on dating until you find that!

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