How “Can I Buy You A Drink” Works

“Can I buy you a drink” is usually considered a pick-up line in the single world, but it’s not a bad way to keep the connection between you and a stranger going at a bar or social function. It works if you know how do it right.

It should never be the first thing that you say. If it is the first thing you say it will be perceived as desperate.  You do not want to seem desperate right off the bat.  Please remember this or your chances of being shut down will increase. After your initial communication involving an introduction, it’s completely OK to ask to buy a drink. You can continue talking to your potential date while he or she enjoys the drink if the conversation is pleasantly getting along. Just remember, that the person you are buying the drink for is not obligated to keep you company all night.

Establishing a meaningful conversation before offering the drink will let the person know that you value their interest and not some kind of paid companionship.

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