How To Keep Your Eye On The Prize After Disappointments

It happens to us all. We really like someone we’ve been dating or talking to and suddenly without explanation, they disappear, stop calling, or become way too busy to make time for you in their lives. Sometimes you may even see that they are suddenly spending time with someone else.

What do you do? You really like this person.

This scenario is the biggest dating self-esteem and motivation killer!

When you realize, your person of interest is not doing the things that display that they are interested in you; it can be a huge shot to your ego. Your feelings are hurt and you begin to wonder.

The burning question is, “What went wrong?”

NEVER do this again!


It’s good to reflect and improve one’s self, but mentally, you can’t stay in your thoughts. Retreating there to have a pity party is the complete opposite of your romantic goals, now isn’t it? Take no time to remember, or wonder what went wrong ever again. Your ONLY MISSION is to find the person that you will get on with. That’s it. Your devotion to that single goal will pay off.

Does it matter what went wrong? Maybe, or maybe not. If your vanishing love interest did not SHARE THEIR FEELINGS, you can’t imagine what went wrong. Forcing them to tell you is not the answer either. Lies could be involved, or even worse, enough words to STRING YOU ALONG. You don’t have time to be strung along.

Here, it’s about SELF RESPECT. You must SHOW others that respect yourself enough to DEMAND THAT PEOPLE TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT. When you are dating someone and getting to know them, the development of your relationship depends on their participation. If your date vanishes or becomes vague about this, THEY DO NOT VALUE this precious connection. To accept this treatment with an excuse of any kind is being willing to accept this kind of treatment for the rest of your life.

You want to be with someone who is excited and BELIEVES IN YOUR POTENTIAL. You could be THE ONE! When you experience this the right way, you’ll truly see that the CONFIDENCE that you have in KNOWING that the person that you are dating is NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING ELSE BUT YOU.

Do not doubt yourself or passively wait for things to turn around. This is not the movies. This is time for YOU TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

MOVE ON!  MOVE ON IMMEDIATELY after a dating flop and begin the dating cycle again right from the beginning! Now, the beauty in this procedure of moving on as quickly as possible especially after a short dating period is that by engaging with another date or two will get you to do two important things.

1) It will keep you in step with your objective. You’ll keep your rhythm and your groove. It’s like falling and getting back up again. You’ve got to get back up right away. Can’t just lie there and stay there on the ground for weeks on end. You’ve got to get back up. So get back up!

2) The more dates you go on, the more sooner you can put the FOCUS BACK ON YOU and not someone who doesn’t care. You’ll be surprised how great that works for your self-esteem and confidence.

So keep in mind, if your date disappears, move on to the next interesting person that you meet. Start over fresh. Starting over fresh is always something you can depend on. There are billions of people on the planet. Get started.

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