The Proper Way To End A Date You Want To See Again

Never ask for another date at the very end of the first date. It’s too predictable and more like an empty promise if it just so happens that you liked the person but they don’t feel the same way. They’ll often agree to it just to keep from letting you down.

If you are really interested in seeing each other again, the right time to ask is during heart of the date, while you are having a great time. Spring the question. You may even be able to set up when, where and what time, right then and there. No guess work. You’re getting another date!

Don’t waste your time trying to date people who are not attracted to you. If you want someone who is not interested in you, or in a relationship with someone else you have to realize that this is not going to end well for you.  You must set your sights elsewhere.  Move on! There are many, many more fish in the dating pool and THE ONE is there too.

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