DATING ADVICE - For Those Looking To Heal From Dating Disasters & Find Love!

o Introduction
o How To Be In The Right Perspective For Dating
o How To Start Dating The Right Way
o Isn’t Dating Is Supposed To Be Fun
o How To Get Over Your Dating Limitations
o How To Deal With The Past
o The Power Of Being Available
o What You Need To Do To Prepare On The Outside That Can Affect How You Feel The Inside
o How To Be Happily Single

How To Dive In To The Dating Pool
o Casual Dating & Hook-Ups
o Getting Serious About Your Search for THE ONE
o How To Meet People
o Dating Website Links & Tips On How To Use Them
o Getting Your Mindset Ready For Conversations
o Why It’s So Important To Talk To People You Are Not Attracted To
o How To Get Someone’s Contact Information
o How To Handle Rejection From A Person You Just Met
o How Attraction Works
o Top 10 Pick-Up Lines
o How “Can I Buy You A Drink” Works
o How To Avoid The Number One Mistake In The Dating World
o The Dating Tactic Of Ignoring The Person You Like So They Can Chase You
o Safety Precautions You Should Take Before Going On A Date & Keep In Mind During

How To Conduct The First Date
o The Importance Of Your Physical Appearance
o How To Handle Lateness
o How To Keep Good Eye Contact During A Date
o How The Conversation Should Proceed On Your Date
o Behaviors You’ll Want To Avoid On Your Date
o Master The Art Of The Turn-Around
o Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Over Extend The Date
o Why You Should Not Flirt Before The Second Or Third Date
o Why You should Not Have Sex Right Away
o How To Determine The Outcome Of Your Date
o How To Handle Blind Dates
o Why Dinner Is Not Always The Best Choice For A First Date
o The Proper Way To End A Date That You Are Not Into
o The Proper Way To End A Date You Want To See Again

The Dark Side Of Dating
o How To Keep Your Eye On The Prize After Disappointments
o How To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy
o How To Deal With A Jealous Partner
o How To Figure Out If You Are Dating A Pick Up Artist, A Serial Dater Or A User
o The Booty Call Trap
o How To Break Up Or End A Relationship The Right Way?
o How To Get Over Being Dumped Very Quickly
o How To Transition Out Of A Relationship And Be Friends If You Were The One Who Ended Things
o How To Survive The Holidays Single

Dating Emergency Q & A
o How Can I Find Out If The Boy I Kissed Has A Girlfriend?
o How Can I Stop Being Her Friend And Be Her Boyfriend?
o How Can I Tell Him His Long Nails Bother Me?
o Is There A Way Of Finding Out If My Ex Is The Father Before I’m Pregnant?
o I’m Not Pregnant But I Have An STD. What Do I Do Now?
o Her Mom Hates Me. What Can I Do?
o How Can I Get Someone To Notice Me?
o Do Guys Fake Orgasms?
o How Can I Get Over A Guy Who Says That He’s Emotionally Unavailable?
o How Can I Undo I Love You?
o How Can I Get My Ex Back For Good?
o Is My Boyfriend Seeing Someone Else?
o Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?
o What Are Some Good Places To Find A Date?
o How Can I Get Him To Spend Time With Me Instead Of Sneaking Around Me?
o What Should I Do If He Hacked My Computer?

"I Don't Trust Him, Should We Break Up?"

Once again, dating expert Matthew Hussey gives us a brilliant answer to the age old question of what to do when you suspect your partner of cheating or foul play.  His advice lines up with ours.  Take matters into your own hands!

I Don’t Feel That “Spark”, Should I Go On A Second Date With Him?

Matthew responds well to this question in the video below.  The caller mentions that the guy she is dating is a "good guy" and so on, but on the first date is the ideal any one of us wants to reveal to someone we are meeting for the first time.  This is when you should feel the spark, then the second date is to explore it more.

Matthew also mentions comfort in his video and it's a great point.  People naturally desire comfortable relationships, but comfort always comes at a price that makes you a slave in the end.  We are not condoning recklessness, but make sure you aren't settling for someone nice, because nice people can turn mean when they realize you've been faking your chemistry with them.

Don't do it.  Move on.