You Asked: How Can I Find Ouf If The Guy I Kissed Has A Girlfriend?

You Asked:
My friend Danny has a girlfriend, at least I think so. He hung out with me at a bar a few nights ago. We had a lot to drink and things got heated. He started talking about sex and making passes at me. Every time I tried to bring up his girlfriend he changed the subject or said he didn't want to talk about her cause she ruined his life. Honestly, I like him. I've always had a crush on him and I know he's not the kind of guy who cheats on his girlfriend. I am not the kind of girl who sleeps with other girl's boyfriends. When we said goodnight I was going to kiss him on the cheek and he went for my mouth on purpose! I wondered if he was not seeing his girlfriend anymore or they are having trouble. I like him but I really need to know the truth. How can I find that out? (Kelly from Rhode Island)

Dating Emergency Answered:
That's a tough question that you'll need to approach him about but I don't recommend it pursuing this guy for several reasons.

First of all, I think it was a drunken episode and if it had any merit, you would have heard from him by now. 

Second of all, you should make it a rule never to think you can catch someone on the rocks of a relationship. It's petty and desperate. I know you weren't trying to do anything on purpose.  But look out for that.  If a guy is kinda seeing someone... he's seeing someone.

Thirdly, if this guy kisses you while he has a girlfriend, then he WILL do it to his next girlfriend, and the next, and the next. Patterns like this don't change.  So don't be the next girlfriend he cheats on.

And lastly, perhaps the most important of all, you must move on. If he wasn't willing to be totally truthful while you were "hanging out" then chalk it up to a good time, with an awkward ending and that's that.

There are lots of fish in the sea, Kelly.  Don't get mixed up with this guy.

Good luck!

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