How The Conversation Should Proceed On Your Date

o Keep The Flow Going. Asking lots of questions that flow effortlessly into one another is the perfect way you want your conversation to go. You may want to have some subjects lined up.

o Get Funny. Nerves can ruin any rapport if you don’t have a backup plan. Know funny comebacks. Don’t know any? Start YouTubing funny sitcoms and do some research! Everything you need is right here on the Internet. Watch funny people and steal their on-liners. Nothing to obvious, but enough so that when you’re speaking you’ll keep the interest by not being BORING!

o Open Them Up. You may have a date that will be so intimidated by you that they feel that there is nothing they can say to impress you. Unfortunately, they’ll have it wrong. Take the reins and get them talking. That’s how you met remember.

o Mirror Your Date. Do on to others as they do unto you. If your date shares a personal story about their childhood, you should do the same. Get serious when they get serious. And don’t always try to cheer them up with a joke, because that could seem insensitive and as if you are not really paying attention to them.

o Contribute. Don’t just go along with everything your date says or wants to do.  Tell a story.  It’s just a way for your date to remember that you have desires and can contribute to the evening.

o Speak Up. If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about something tell your date exactly how you feel. Don’t be ashamed of that because only with true communication will you enhance the rapport you have with them or make clear the lack there of.

o Be Upfront. Most importantly, be honest about how you want to date. Get the facts out in the open. What kind of relationship do you want? If it’s not a match, it shouldn't spoil the evening.  At this point you are just friends trying something out.

o Never Lie. Don’t ever lie to impress anyone. It seems so basic. We all know it’s not wise to lie, but in the heat of the moment, bending the truth seems so easy. They don’t know you and they may never find out the truth. The damaging effect of this is so harmful it’s never really noticed. BE PROUD of who you are. Be yourself. Never pretend to be someone you are not. The whole magic of attraction is the confidence you will have just being yourself. By lying about yourself and who you are silently diminishes your self-esteem. This is projected outwardly whether you know it or not. The FEAR of being discovered becomes a threat to your security in knowing your lie is safe. The threat is constant. Even though dating takes a lot of energy, adjustments, and considerations, being deceitful will cause more damage to your psyche than you know. The relationship is doomed.

o The EX FACTOR. Stay away from talking about your Ex! Don’t arrange the date where your Ex will be. Don’t let your date talk about their Ex. Just say, “I’m so sorry but we shouldn’t talk about our Exes just yet.” Or you could cleverly change the subject.  Try steering the conversation by saying, "Well, that one didn't work out but what would be your ideal relationship?"  Some dates will want to know about your Ex or past romances. Only then should you indulge, but don’t get into passionate detail and change the subject. It’s way too early to talk about Exes and this could turn the evening into a sour mood.

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