Why You Should Not Flirt Before The Second Or Third Date


We usually get people who disagree with us on this one. Just hear us out.

There are two different kinds of flirting.  One is natural and could be perceived as charisma.  It is that spark that a person has, but it isn't sexual.  What we will be talking about is the other overt sexual flirtation.  Society and maybe some misguided friend has told us that we have to flirt to attract the person we like to let them know that we are interested in them in a romantic way. What is perceived by that flirting? Let’s be honest, FLIRTING is a subtle, yet direct way of letting someone know that you are PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED to them.

Flirting with a stranger you just met could be interpreted, as an invitation to physical relationship?  Yes.  That is what it is for.  But what's wrong with it?  Nothing is wrong with it if you want a purely sexual relationship.  Do you think that somehow the beauty of who you are will shine through and you'll be loved as a byproduct?  Maybe.

We are leaving a lot up to chance, but chances are not likely.  There are billions of people on this planet that can have sex, but only one you.  Narrow the chances that you will connect with a soul mate on a different level where attraction really exists.

Sex with a stranger is not the goal when you’re seeking a SERIOUS committed relationship. But why do we think we should put it on the table? We don't want to lose them. But the truth is that they can see right through the offer.  Initiating SEXUAL / PHYSICAL ATTRACTION too soon is an act of DESPERATION! Sure, this person could be THE ONE, but you are still OFFERING SEX TO A STRANGER. And although you may be turning your date on below the belt, you are turning them off to the idea that you could be a good partner in a serious committed relationship.

Keep in mind that the cornerstone of any lasting relationship is friendship so get to know your date as a friend first. It lays down the foundation for your future together.  You'll find that attraction is easy when someone is getting to know you without any desperate tactics at play.  When you are confidently just being free to be yourself you are the most attractive organically flirtatious which is the best way to flirt.  Let it be natural, not a tactic to get or keep someone interested.

Once you are in a relationship flirting can serve you well. It’s part of the spark that will keep your connection exciting.

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