Why Dinner Is Not Always The Best Choice For A First Date

Dinner is not the best choice for a very first date. You are two strangers sitting opposite each other at a table and the pressure to possess superb table etiquette is probably going to add more anxiety than you need.

Remember ANXIETY IS NOT ATTRACTIVE. Imagine it; long intense soup slurping, awkward elbow spoon flipping, wide spinach teeth smiles, the incidental full mouth talking, and the ever embarrassing half hour peppery spice choke fests. Better bone up on your CPR skills.

If you don’t really know each other or haven’t spent any time with them in person one on one, this could be too personal too soon.

Remember, the first date is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD, and give your date the opportunity to do so as well. The best place to meet for a very first date is a cafĂ© or lounge where you can meet for a short length of time sum up your date. Even if you know your date or have met before in passing, this still applies. This is your first official date, so what you perceive as normal behavior, may alter under the romantic umbrella. If things aren’t going well, you have an excellent easy out. If you think you’re hitting it off, suggesting a bite to eat is a great way to get more personal, romantic, and adventurous.

One last and important reason to avoid scheduling your first date for dinner is that you’ll be setting expectations way too high. This is not the movies, or a fairy tale. Do things in order. Fall in love with someone who loves you and then have your ultimate dream date.

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