Getting Your Mindset Ready For Conversations

Get fearless! If you like someone you must let him or her know. Everyone hesitates when it comes to this part of dating, the most crucial time of all, the introduction. Our INSECURITIES argue with our INSTINCTS and finally we determine that it would be too forward to approach this guy or girl. The worst of it is the ideology that people should NOTICE YOU first and then CHASE YOU.

Never do this again.

This is not the Road Runner cartoon; this is your life. You have to take charge of it and not SABOTAGE YOUR POTENTIAL before you even begin. Now, your love interest still doesn’t have a clue you are interested as someone else has approached them and now that’s that. It seems too simple to be true but regardless of gender and orientation. DON’T WAIT to make the first move. It’s just that simple.

You’re a survivor. You’re in charge. You’ve got to hunt for your own food. You’ve got to search for twigs and berries just to build your own shelter. You’ve got to take the reins of your life and drive it home!

Okay, so you don’t have to do all that, but simply opening up your mouth and SAY SOMETHING.

The very best conversation opener is “Hi.” It's simple and it lets the person you are speaking to know that you are not another indistinguishable person in the masses they encounter every day.

They’ll say “Hi,” back.  If they don't respond, shrug it off.  It's not personal but they have issues you don't want to tangle with.  It's better to find out now before you go getting a crush on them.  Normally people respond.

Strike up conversations out of the blue without sounding like a pick up line. Women and men can both do it because again, meeting a potential date is the same as making new friends. “You have a nice shirt.” “Your dog is so adorable.” “Can you believe this weather we’re having?”

Get creative too. Use news articles, the economy, jokes, or anything that will get your mouth moving and sound to come out of it. Small talk is good. Sometimes it takes a while for people to open up when meeting a stranger. It could either be due to shyness or anxiety. Light small talk will usually loosen the tension.

Here are some things you should definitely keep the conversation AWAY from:
o Compliments about anything sexual.
o Compliment anything more than once.  Overkill.
o Comments or jokes that are insensitive to gender, race, religion, and politics.
o Never ask if you can speak, or if they have the time to listen to what you have to say, just speak.

Things to remember:
o Be fearless.
o Be respectful.
o Be friendly.

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