How To Handle Rejection From A Person You Just Met

Rejection hurts. No one wants that feeling, but you won’t have to feel it if you have the right perspective.

The mind is a powerful weapon. Use it to your advantage. Develop a NO-LOSS attitude while dating.


Think of it this way: you tried to strike up a conversation with a stranger and they weren’t receptive. This is GOOD! By natural selection the people who aren’t for you eliminate themselves in this process, giving your TRUE LOVE a clear shot at dating you!

Keep your path clear and open for the one you are truly looking for.

Always remember, conversations starts when and only when the person you are striking it up with is INTERESTING ENOUGH to understand that they should be interested in you.

No Loss.

There are hundreds, upon thousands of people left in the world to talk to.

The one thing you must never do in reaction is that you must NEVER INSULT THEM because they aren’t responding well. Keep in mind that this person may be having a terrible day and just doesn’t feel like engaging in conversation. Next week they may remember how friendly you were and BAM, it’s back on again.

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